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New Card Templates

Introducing Workspace Card Templates

We’re happy to announce a new feature on Zube that lets you easily add templated information to your new Cards. Card Templates can be created for any Workspace on Zube by visiting the Workspace Settings and choosing the Card Templates tab. From there, it’s simple to create a Card Template for your Workspace, so go ahead and make as many templates as your heart desires!

Card Templates as a guide

The purpose of Card Templates is to help your teammates know what information is most useful to include in a new card. Zube allows you to create multiple Card Templates so your teammates can choose the type they need. For example, one useful template could be a Bug Report template. When creating a bug report, it is often difficult to know what information the developers would find most useful, especially if many of your teammates are non-technical. Card Templates solve this problem by allowing your teammates to choose the Bug Report template when they’re making a new card. When they choose the Bug Report template, a description of the information they should include will be automatically added to the body of their new card.

A new card highlighting the template selector

We’ve included a couple of example templates (a Bug Report template and a Feature Request template) for you to choose from when you’re creating a new Workspace card template. However, you’re free to change the content of the Template however you like. The Template’s content is in markdown syntax, so it will look good on the new cards.

We hope the new Card Templates feature helps your team create new cards more quickly and consistently. As always, we appreciate your suggestions for features that you’d find useful, so please shoot us an email