Project Management for GitHub Issues

Zube is an Agile kanban board that's designed for developers, a powerful issue manager for team leads, tickets for customer support, epics, sprints, and analytics. The best part is that all of your data is synchronized with GitHub in real-time.

Free for small teams, open source projects, and all public GitHub repositories

Zube kanban board

Gain insight into your project

The kanban board provides an Agile workflow out of the box. Know where all your issues are in the pipeline. Drag your cards to prioritize each column. Filter your kanban board to see what's important.

Zube kanban board

Full GitHub Integration

All changes made in Zube are pushed to GitHub in real-time. Likewise, changes on GitHub appear on your Zube board as they happen. Zube synchronizes issues, pull requests, multiple assignees, labels, comments, events, commit references, milestones, collaborators, and repositories. Comments are also fully supported, you get GHF markdown, syntax highlighting, emojis, user and team @mentions, issue and pull request references, and checklists.

The power you need to manage your issues

The Issue Manager lets you quickly filter and sort your issues to find exactly what you want. Update and move your issues in bulk.

Zube Issue Manager

Keep the customer support team in the loop

Create customer support Tickets on Zube that track related GitHub issues and automatically notify the ticket owner when the issues have been resolved.

Zube Customer Support Tickets

Track your progress with epics and sprints

Epics let you group related issues together to track their progress through your workflow. Sprints and burndown charts keep your team focused on what's important for your next release. Points let you estimate issue complexity.

Zube Burndown Chart
Seth Pollack, Rival IQ

Seth Pollack

Co-Founder ⋅ Rival IQ

Zube makes it dead simple to see ownership of and progress against GitHub issues. Zube alleviates pain points of the native UI, and improves our effectiveness. Recommended!

Liam Horne, Piinpoint

Liam Horne

CTO ⋅ PiinPoint

Zube lets us rapidly prioritize our backlog and manage engineering milestones so we can focus more of our time on what matters; delivering value to our customers.

Assaf Arkin, Broadly

Assaf Arkin

CTO ⋅ Broadly

Zube helps us plan our work week, track what everyone is working on, and ship features on time. If you use GitHub for development, Zube is the UI you need.

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