Developer collaboration, solved.

Zube's powerful integration with GitHub Issues makes it easy for the entire team to stay on the same page.

Used by the world's best teams

Agile project management with a
beautiful and blazing fast interface.

The kanban board provides an Agile workflow out of the box. Get a clear overview of your project, or take a closer look with advanced filtering.

Zube project management kanban board

The source of truth. Never copy and paste another developer task.

Seamlessly work between Zube and GitHub Issues. Attach one or multiple GitHub repositories to your Zube project and your data will always stay up to date in both platforms. On Zube, everyone can collaborate on developer tasks, even if they are not developers.

Zube project management tool connects everyone on your team

Everything you need to plan and manage your product.

Agile Epics help you to accomplish your larger goals. Scrum style Sprints keep your team focused and accountable. Customer support tickets make sure critical issues are resolved and communicated effectively.

Customer Support

Powerful analytics so you’ll know exactly when your product will ship.

Analyze all of your work in one place, even your GitHub data. Burndown, Burnup, and Velocity charts show your progress. Throughput charts give insight into what's getting done.

Zube project management data and analytics
Liam Horne, Piinpoint

Liam Horne

CTO ⋅ PiinPoint

Zube lets us rapidly prioritize our backlog and manage engineering milestones so we can focus on delivering value to our customers.

Seth Pollack, Rival IQ

Seth Pollack

Co-Founder ⋅ Rival IQ

Zube makes it dead simple to see ownership of and progress against GitHub issues. Zube improves our effectiveness. Recommended!

Assaf Arkin, Broadly

Assaf Arkin

CTO ⋅ Broadly

Zube helps us plan our work week, track what everyone is working on, and ship features on time.

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