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Automatic Archiving of Closed Cards

Beginning Monday October 12th, Zube will automatically archive cards in your Done column that have been closed for more than 90 days. Automatically archiving your stale closed cards will help ensure that your boards load quickly and will keep your workspaces better organized. If you’d like to Archive your closed cards sooner than 90 days, you can still do so manually at any time by pressing the “Archive cards” button in the top right of the Done column.

Detail of the manual Archive cards button

Where are my Archived cards?

When a card is Archived, it will be removed from all columns on your boards (the Kanban Board and Sprint Board). Archived cards are still visible in all other places, such as Epics and Tickets. At any time, you can view your Archived cards by visiting the Issue Manager. For cards that were on a Workspace, you can view them by selecting your Workspace from the Workspace selector on the filter bar, and then choosing the Category “Archive”. In rare instances, you may have cards that were closed before they were ever added to a Workspace, for example, if you closed a card while it was in Triage. To view these cards, you should choose “No Workspace” from the Workspace selector on the filter bar and then choose “Closed only” from the card state selector.

If you’d like to disable the Automatic Archive feature, you can do so for each Workspace by visiting the Workspace Settings and toggling the Auto Archive setting under the Auto Archive Stale Closed Cards section. If you disable the setting, be sure to periodically Archive your unneeded closed cards manually to keep your boards speedy and organized.

If you have any feedback about this new feature or just want to reach out to us for any other reason, please do so at