Slack Integration Guide

Last updated: Aug 12, 2020

Get Important Zube Notifications in Slack

Stay on top of what's happening on your Zube Projects and Workspaces from within Slack. When you add a Slack integration to your Project or Workspace, you'll be kept up to date with important events on your Cards, Epics and Tickets in real time. You can install as many Slack channel integrations as you want so every team has the information they need, right where they want it.

Installing a Slack Integration

Step One

Navigate to the Project Settings page for the Project that you want to add the Slack integration to. If you'd like to create a Slack integration for a Workspace, navigate to the Project Settings page for the parent Project of the Workspace. You can find a link to the Project Settings page in the dark blue navigation sidebar on any Project page.


Step Two

Click on the Integrations tab to open the Integrations Settings view and click the Create a new Slack Channel Integration button to open the Slack Channel Integration builder. Inside the builder, you can select whether your Slack integration should be Project or Workspace scoped and customize which notifications you'd like to receive in Slack.


Step Three

Once you've configured your Slack integration, click the Add to Slack button to connect your integration with a Slack channel. Follow the directions to select the Slack workspace and channel to connect your integration to and click the Authorize button. After you authorize the integration, you will be redirected back to the Integration Settings page and your new Slack integration will be ready to send Zube notifications to your Slack channel!


You can create unlimited Slack channel integrations to send custom notifications to everyone on your team.

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