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Multiple Repository Projects are Here

Manage all of your GitHub repositories together

We’re super excited to announce support for multiple repositories. You can now manage multiple GitHub repositories under a single project, and since we’ve also reworked sprints, the Issue Manager, and Tickets, the benefits are huge!

Projects with multiple GitHub repositories

It’s easy to create a new project that’s backed by multiple GitHub repos. All you have to do is select more than one GitHub repository when you create a new project. It’s as simple as that. If instead, you want to add a repository to an already existing project, that’s no problem either. Just head over to the project settings page and you’ll see a list of available GitHub repositories. You can also merge two currently existing projects together!

Project settings page showing how to add additional repositories

The Kanban Board

Once you’ve created a project with multiple repositories (sources), you’ll see a sources selector on the Kanban Board. You can select one or more repos (sources) and the Kanban Board will update accordingly. Oh, btw, we’ve also included some performance tweaks in this release so your Kanban Board will load quickly and remain very responsive no matter how many GitHub issues your project has!

Kanban Board highlighting repository source selector

Sprints and the Sprint Board

Like the Kanban Board, you’ll find a GitHub repo source selector in the filter bar at the top of the page. Since a sprint is scoped to a project, and since a project can now have multiple repos, your sprints now show the work being done across all your repos! Similarly, your burndown chart will roll up your current progress for the entire project, or you can toggle which sources your want to display on the chart.

The Issue Manger

The Issue Manager lets you filter/search/sort your GitHub issues for a project on Zube, which means, wait for it… the Issue Manager now supports multiple repositories! That makes the Issue Manager super powerful. You can filter/search/sort across all of your repositories at the same time to find exactly what you want. We’ve also enhanced the Issue Manager’s filters so you can now choose issues or PRs (or both), see open and closed cards at the same time, and of course, choose which repository you want to filter on. And since the Issue Manager is now so powerful, we wanted to give you a way to grab your data and manipulate it however you like, so we added the ability to export your results as JSON!


Tickets are now scoped to projects… um, I feel like a broken record at this point… which means that you can link cards from different repositories to a single Ticket. Like always, the Ticket will track the linked cards and notify the Ticket owner as the status of cards change. What’s new is that the Ticket owner will remain up to date even if the Ticket involves work being done across multiple repos!