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Introducing Zube's Public API

Announcing Zube’s Public API

When we asked our top companies what feature they’d love to see, being able to access Zube programmatically was top of the list. From day one, the Zube web client has used our internal API, but now we’ve opened up all that power to you! Almost everything that can be done through the web interface can be done through our public API, which means you can easily enhance or automate your workflow.

How it works

The Zube public API is a full featured and powerful RESTful API. Like many of the best contemporary APIs, authentication is done with user tokens (JWTs) so all the requests that you make will be just like you had issued them from the web interface. You’ll be able to access and manipulate the same data and all changes will be properly attributed to you. The details of how to issue yourself a JWT and the full list of API endpoints can be found in our API documentation.

Responsible Usage

Being a responsible user of the Zube public API may be more complicated than you’re used to because of Zube’s seamless integration with GitHub Issues. If you are only making changes to data that are not shared with GitHub (local cards, epics, tickets, sprints), then the Zube API is very performant and you shouldn’t run into any trouble. However, if you’re making changes to data that are shared with GitHub (almost everything on a GitHub backed card), then the Zube API may allow you make changes faster than the GitHub API permits, and you may accidentally hit their rate limit before you hit our rate limit. So, when you’re making requests to the Zube API that have the side effect of changing data on GitHub as well, it’s best to add a second or two between requests.

We’re really looking forward to hearing all about the great things you’ll be able to do now that the Zube public API is live, so please feel free to reach out to with your success stories, or to if you run into any trouble. Happy coding!